Who We Are

Brown, Okeke & Kalejaiye, is a full-service commercial law firm which uses innovative and cutting edge thought process to solve our clients’ biggest issues. We pride ourselves in being not just another law firm, but a first class law firm, delivering first class legal services to our clients. Established in 2015, we were created with a singular purpose that defines our very existence: client-focus.

Our Core Values


At BOK Legal, we are passionate about producing high quality work that speaks volumes about our organisation. Hence we are fostering a culture of excellence in all our projects, to ensure we keep producing, when it matters. Every BOK Legal staff and vendor is tutored on developing a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset; to encourage us that we can always do even better.


Our first core value is our responsiveness, and this is key to providing superb service. The importance of understanding our clients’ needs cannot be understated. We all feel the need to be heard and supported. Simply recognising the humanity in each person that we have contact with, and treating everyone with respect and kindness, is at the heart of this value.


We will always do what is right, moral and ethical. We take responsibility for our actions, inactions, and the impact they have on each other, our clients and the world at large. This means always considering how our actions will impact the success of a brief and the client as a whole.

Client Centric

We recognise that our clients are the reason for our success in business and we are 100% committed to listen and respond positively to their needs.

Team Work

Teamwork is really the name of the game at BOK Legal. Setting up efficient systems, where roles and tasks are clearly defined, is the first step. Beyond that, we place a high emphasis on open communications, and strive to support each other and remain flexible. Sometimes we need to ask for help; other times, we can offer to help others. Sharing experiences and knowledge benefits the whole team, as does identifying and celebrating each person’s strengths and contributions

Our Practice Areas

Media-and-Entertainment-Brown-Okeke-Kalejaiye-BOK-Legal-Practitioners-commercial-law-firm banner


We have advised several clients in media and entertainment from communication houses (television and radio stations), record labels, distribution companies, publishing houses, etc.

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information Technology Banner BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


In this digital age, Nigeria is at a crucial phase to create an enabling environment for ICT entrepreneurs. It is necessary that Tech entrepreneurs are given 360 degrees legal coverage irrespective of start-up phase. We have ample experience in preparing foundational agreements (the Shareholders’ Agreement, Subscription Agreement, Management Agreement) and providing sound legal advice for tech companies.

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oil and gas BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


We have advised several operators in the Nigerian oil and gas sector irrespective of whether operating in the upstream or downstream sector. Our partners have played several roles in the promotion of the sector through providing reviews of the Petroleum Industry Governance Bill which was recently passed into law as an Act of the National Assembly.

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Real Estate and Construction Brown, Okeke & Kalejaiye, BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


Our partners have advised several clients operating at different ends of a typical real estate transaction. From construction companies to real estate developers to landowners. This versatility enables our firm provide bespoke services to players in the real estate industry.

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Maritime admiralty Brown, Okeke & Kalejaiye, BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


We have conducted several maritime matters, leading to the arrest of vessels on the Nigerian waters. We are well versed in maritime litigation having represented several maritime companies in courts across Nigeria. We have also reviewed several shipping agreements including but not limited to Time Charters, Bareboat Charterparty Contracts and Dry Docking and Ship Repair Agreement. We have also advised a number of blue-chip companies in maritime law and practice in Nigeria and across the globe.

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Dispute Resolution Brown, Okeke & Kalejaiye, BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


Since our establishment, we have litigated an extensive area of law and have obtained several judgments/final decisions from the various courts of law in Nigeria. We have represented blue chip clients and demonstrated diligence and record achievements in disputes resolutions involving banking and finance, fin-tech, real estate/construction, aviation/maritime, power, oil and gas, labour/employment and international human rights law.

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HUMAN RIGHTS LAW Brown, Okeke & Kalejaiye, BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


BOK legal is a leading figure in the effort to protect the inalienable rights of humans anywhere and everywhere in the world. We pride ourselves as leading international human rights litigation experts, experts in African community law, Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA), Communauté économique des États de

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power Brown, Okeke & Kalejaiye, BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


At BOK Legal, we’re not only dedicated to providing exceptional legal services but also passionate about promoting a sustainable future. In an era where the world is transitioning towards cleaner and more efficient energy sources, we believe in harnessing the power of electric energy to drive positive change.
The Power of Electric Energy Electric power has revolutionized the way we live, work, and operate our businesses. From residential homes to industrial facilities, electric energy offers numerous advantages, such as affordability, reliability, and environmental sustainability.

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Corporate commercial and business advisory Brown, Okeke & Kalejaiye, BOK Legal Practitioners commercial law firm


BOK Legal is your trusted partner in navigating the intricate world of corporate and commercial law. We understand that running a successful business requires more than just a great idea; it requires sound legal guidance and strategic advice. Our team of experienced legal practitioners specializes in corporate law and business advisory services, offering comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. With BOK Legal by your side, you can confidently navigate the legal complexities of the corporate world and position your business for long-term success.

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We pride ourselves in being not just
another law firm, but a first class law firm.